What is Digitizing Life?

The name Digitizing Life was chosen to be used as a verb. It simply describes what I’m doing here: digitizing everyday life through photography.

My name is Brandon Hann and I’m everyone’s “computer guy.” When I have spare time, I like to take photos. And when I get around to cleaning up and editing those photos, I put them here.

Digitizing Life

Please consider this site a personal portfolio of sorts and enjoy it. If you feel so inclined, please share links and photos with your friends so they can enjoy them too. In time, I plan to make available some of my best prints for purchase. I figure if people like my photos online, they’re sure to like them even more in their homes.

I use photography as a way of capturing moments in time and these moments can be used for archival purposes, entertainment, memories or simply to evoke specific emotions and feelings toward an event. As a part time blogger, I usually tell stories with words, but this site is designed to tell those stories with photos. For now, I intend to showcase my work as a digital portfolio, but I hope to one day make available my services as a photographer to the public.

Lastly, keep in mind that all the images you find here are copyrighted works and may be used for personal and commercial intents under certain conditions. Please respect these licensing terms.