Today, a short domain was registered to provide a short URL service for all external links as well as provide an alternative entry point to all blog posts and pages. The new domain is dlife.us and will be used in the following ways:

  • Random string – Used for all blog posts. Each URL will contain a string of 5 random characters. Example: http://dlife.us/kMIKW points to this page.
  • Custom string – Used for all static links, redirects, pages, etc. Each URL will contain a string of any number of characters. Examples: http://dlife.us/amazon redirects to Amazon.com with referral code, http://dlife.us/g redirects to the Google+ page, http://dlife.us/f redirects to the Facebook page.
  • Special use – Some custom strings will be reserved for use as special URLs that may change over time. Example: http://dlife.us/event could redirect visitors to the newest and most current event. While the URL will always remain the same, the destination and/or content will change.

Restricted Use

At this time, there are no plans to allow this domain to be used publicly. Custom requests for URL redirects will not be accepted.