In preparation for the future sales of limited edition prints and other products, I have created a placeholder for a new page located at digitizing.life/verify that will allow purchasers the ability to search their product’s serial number against a complete database of every item ever sold from this website.

The purpose of this feature will be to better manage and maintain the legitimacy of any and all prints made available for purchase and to ensure any items sold via second hand markets can be verified as authentic as well.

Serial Number Verification

Every sale of limited edition items from this website will be cataloged in a serial number verification database along with the basic details of the first purchaser (name and email address). If that individual were to sell the item at a secondary marketplace, the new buyer would have the ability to search the database to authenticate the item and the seller.

At this point, the new owner would be able to register their information into the database and the process will continue down the line. This system is designed to track all sales in perpetuity to ensure that only authenticated items are being sold.