Domains & Trademarks

Every business or individual seeking to be unique and/or show their creativity by branding themselves in the world has a series of domains and trademarks. These are used to give customers peace of mind while also putting forward a recognizable brand that they hope will create a positive and lasting effect on product sales and promotions.

The following items are used by this website to create that brand. If you have any question on the usage of these items within your own works, please review my licensing and usage terms before continuing.

Official Domains

This is simply a courtesy notice regarding which domain names are owned by me and used in relation to this website. If you are contacted by anyone claiming to represent this company, you may be able to crosscheck an email address or weblink with the domains on this page to ensure authenticity.

  • — Primary domain. This domain is used for all official URLs and the entire website as a whole. Further expansion of this site will occur through the use of sub domains or sub directories.
  • — Former primary domain. This domain is used to forward all traffic from any existing external links or search engine result pages. It will continue to be used for marketing purposes as seen fit.
  • — Network functions domain. This domain is used for back-end testing, DNS services, email and other internal requirements. It also forwards public traffic to the primary site.
  • — Short url domain. This domain is used for social media functions where a shorter URL for blog posts and pages may be desirable.

Please note that this list will promptly be updated should more related domains be acquired. If you cannot verify a solicitation or feel like you’re being spammed or maliciously targeted in any way, please contact me as soon as possible.

Official Trademarks

Trademarks are used to differentiate services and products from one company to another. In my case, I only have a couple of trademarks that apply to this website and the services it provides.

  • Digitizing Life™ — This name was chosen by me to represent my goal, which is to digitize various moments and events in everyday life. I accomplish this through the use of digital photography and photo editing tools. It was created on March 14th, 2011 with the registration of the domain name.
  • Digitizing Life logo — Although not always seen, I have developed a few logos that are used as watermarks for my photography as well as images to represent the website on social media websites, profile images, etc.

Main Logo:

Digitizing Life logo